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Who Decide’s The Faith Tonight! Arsenal Fans Vs Chelsea Fans

Who Decide’s The Faith Tonight! Arsenal Fans Vs Chelsea Fans

What really should be our faith tonight Against chelsea? teammates Sorrowfully thought .Arsenal will experience a great clash with chelsea  which will be held tonight ,seems to be a tough match between opponent from each club. chelsea fans celebrate victories over Arsenal for tonight match about to take place few hours from now, chelsea fans having full confidence in them winning tonight match against Arsenal, meanwhile Arsenal fans went mute without giving a response not even a word was spilled out.

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Which also seems absolutely frustrating for them and the team after trusting and putting their faith on Mikel Arteta, teammates looking so frustrated in the locker room hoping to take down chelsea tonight. Mikel Arteta felt sick about the crisis going on in his team present in a confused state totally out of ideas on how he could defeat his opponent tonight Against chelsea we could probably win tonight match arteta Curiously said depending on teammates to act towards that for a success over chelsea match this evening.xhaka , Luiz and aubameyang seems afraid of losing tonight match against chelsea.

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