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Watch Three Painful Reason’s For Arsenal Great Lost This Season

Watch Three Painful Reason’s For Arsenal Great Lost This Season

Mikel Arteta seems emotionally download after the last match they had against MAN-CITY which seems to be the greater lost they had this year, teammates already lost confidence in themselves after several great lost this present season. Teammates seems confused and worried after losing straight 6 matches without winning any which drives them more crazy and mad .

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We can’t afford to lose another match this time around arteta urge’s teammates politely giving them assurance to believe in themselves for a better vision and future to achieve, david Luiz went further explaining how unfit he was for today match against chelsea tonight which ceballos seems afraid of. After the preview of chelsea previous matches he concluded Arsenal is not ready for tonight match he exclaimed thoughtfully, what will become of Arsenal if chelsea take us down tonight teammates questioned themselves Sorrowfully all looking at Mikel arteta for responses. chelsea won’t define our faith tonight we would this to end tonight arteta assures the club hoping for good changes and Turnaround.

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