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Three Smart Lessons Learned From Previous matches! Arsenal vs Chelsea

Three Smart Lessons Learned From Previous matches! Arsenal vs Chelsea

Mikel Arteta learned his mistakes much from the previous matches which seems unfavorable am frustrating for the teammates and club after several great lost this present season,he probably learned alot this time around making hi team more defensive and strong this time around at the last match Against chelsea. First lesson learned from previous matches, was that he made his defence inpenetratable and non access by opponent by position Best defender at the right and proper position maintaining a good balance creating a defensive wall.

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Secondly, midfielder was so sensitive enough to make each steps taken to make a count not letting the ball flip from his wing and position by opponent which is more smart enough to consider this time around. Martinelli making a great move with the back up of pulisic.

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Thirdly, his attack was perfectly great in a well position manner making more Head count for the club which led to the victory against chelsea, with the help of the young Arsenal star Xhaka and lacazette. Making the Club proud and victorious in the last match Against chelsea, Gabriel was glad and happy with arteta’s Christmas plans against opponent seems great and perfect igniting the club to a greater height, so impressive this time around

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