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SHOCKING! David Luiz Breaks Silence On Arteta Management Skills

SHOCKING! David Luiz Breaks Silence On Arteta Management Skills

David Luiz refuses to respond to decision been made by Mikel Arteta this present season , he was absolutely frustrated and upset with ideas of arteta. Lately teammates found some suspicious attitude between the both.

David Luiz felt so disappointed given arteta ideas on how the team could attain greater heights, leading the team on a train of success, but due to the present management of Mikel arteta David Luiz seems frustrating and upset under his management, he was absolutely mad about the results of the last match played last night 13, December 2020.

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David Luiz felt the response coming from fans were somewhat reasonable,so discouraging to talk about,he was looking forward to arteta for better vision for the team,but his thoughts and intents was wrong about him.what will be the hope of fans out there ? David Luiz future vision was ruined by arteta.

I can see no vision in here

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