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Resign Now! Arsenal Fans Voiced Out

Resign Now! Arsenal Fans Voiced Out

Mikel arteta brought about the down fall of Arsenal after been hired this season,The lack of creativity and goalscoring of the club has been widely talked about and of course it’s an issue that should be taken care of properly, but they are seriously going to struggle to see improvement they can come out with if they can’t keep 11 men on the field for an entire game.

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Fans keep reacting at the present points Arsenal is now and Arsenal being in the 15th position on the table,There’s a tiny consolation in the fact that Gabriel’s red card came from actually trying to play football instead of being selfish and failing to control his temper, but he left the Gunners down a man for at least 30 minutes in the second half.

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At least they managed to escape with a point so it moves them away from the relegation zone, but the top half will start to drift away from them if they keep this form up.

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Arsenal manager,Mikel Arteta isn’t familiar with the fans just now so obviously this result and performance if the club doesn’t help matters, so it’s no surprise to see plenty of them venting their fury after the game.

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