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Quarter-Final ! Arsenal Against Man City By Tuesday

Quarter-Final ! Arsenal Against Man City By Tuesday

This was the toughest time Arsenal witnessed and encounter great lost in history never recorded before,under the management of arteta with fans and supporters pointing accusing fingers at Mikel Arteta for the down fall of the Club this present season. after the last conference held by the club committee’s on how the team could come out of these terrible situation this time around, everyone raising up his or her ideas and opinions for the better of the club.

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The committee how ever came up up with suggestions that could help out in this present crisis in the club, getting Mikel Arteta out of the team and and club won’t help out for Arsenal with the present situation going on after several great lost experienced this present season . committee assuring members how the team can be fixed back on track before things get out of hands as expected.

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Signing more players january could be of help to the team, enforcing more strength to teammates for positive response activating the best out of them.

Aubameyang, pierre and emerick

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could come up with new plans for the club to achieve success, teammates already involved in rigorous training for the next match against MAN-CITY this Tuesday, better plans was made to come out with something different this time around.

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