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Not Impressed! Thiago Silva Experienced A Tough Time This Season

Not Impressed! Thiago Silva Experienced A Tough Time This Season

It was a sad moment for Thiago Silva after several lost this present season which seems more heartbroken for the young super star, he could no longer accommodate any hurtful moment anymore.‘It was a match different from all the others we have lost recently,’ Thiago Silva said.

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‘City have a good coach and have been playing together as a team for four years. It’s not easy to play against them, but in a period in the first half we didn’t suffer enough to try and win the match. We conceded three goals in the blink of an eye.

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‘It’s the most likely difficult league in the world. You need to be attentive, to work harder, be stronger as a team, but I think we are a good team and the second half was much better. That was the one positive.

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‘We didn’t give up. We had more gusto and tried to play more. We saw that if we keep the ball well and play in the opposition half we can create space, but against a team with such a high level it’s very hard to come back.

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