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Frustrating! David Luiz Goes On Injury

Frustrating! David Luiz Goes On Injury

Footballer head injuries have become something common these league and a hot topic in recent seasons, with new protocols being put into force to ensure that players do not continue to play with that hectic concussion.

Concussions, though most times conceived as a minor injury, can have serious adverse effects on the players who suffers the pain, both in the short and long-term. This is a necessary intervention from the powers, these should be a topic to handle and bring medical measures to avoid and eradicate suchlike.what should be the be permanent cure for head injury these season.

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Thehe BBC report that trials of extra substitutes for teams who have a player with a suspected concussion will be in use from January. Opposition teams will also be able to make a change at the same time. They look to have covered all bases here, and necessarily so. There will be no more reluctance to withdraw players with a concussion, with the extra substitute meaning itโ€™s not a handicap.

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Thereโ€™s also no danger that the opposition team will see this rule abused, as they will be able to make a change at the same time, irrespective of whether they have an injured man, as the BBC report.

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