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Arteta Failed: Arsenal Ex-Lengend Patrick Vieira Emerge Replacement

Arteta Failed: Arsenal Ex-Lengend Patrick Vieira Emerge Replacement

Former Arsenal Ex-Lengend Patrick Vieira intends on decision for the replacement of arteta which seems to emerge soon he went further explaining how relentful arteta was this present season not putting much skills ideas enough this season, arteta lineups strategies ain’t good enough Patrick responded and he is to be blamed for the down fall of the club,as Arsenal keeps going backwards instead gaining more points reverse was the Case. Teammates suggested arteta should be replaced with Patrick Vieira to pull the club out of obscurity and disaster relief,

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It’s well proven, a tough step up for Arteta and this is the very best time for Arsenal to change things as it look like being forced into a genuine relegation battle after a run of seven Premier League games without a win what an awesome shame.

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Gallas, enforcing his ideas suggested Arsenal go for another surprise name to take over, as he recommends Vieira as the ideal choice.

The Frenchman recently lost his job at Ligue 1 side Nice, so perhaps doesn’t seems ideal either, but Gallas seems confident he’d be an upgrade.

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Gallas, speaking exclusively to Ladbrokes, said: “When they chose Mikel Arteta to come in and replace Unai Emery, in my mind Patrick Vieira was the best to fit in that position ,name I thought they should have gone for.

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