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Arsenal Silent !Fans Blast Arteta

Arsenal Silent !Fans Blast Arteta

I disliked  so many things about this days modern football,  these was not my aim and goal for the club I hate what the game is turning out to be – game seems absolutely different these days, the coach is responsible for everything, we all forget the coach is only as good as the players.

Secondly, greed has become the order of the day in this era, corruption, lack of loyalty from club management to coaches and from players to the club – it is all about the result, glory and the money, but loosing focus on the real primary goal to achieve.

It won’t be long before the game loses its appeal if it continues this way…

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Speaking of Arsenal, our decline crept up on us and caught most of us unawares. It was becoming more evident in the last two years of Wenger, where I think we won just 3 away games all season in his ultimate season I remember during that time, one of the persistent criticism against Wenger’s Arsenal was that we were too soft and we pamper players too much, we were not even playing nice football again so what’s the point?

Emery came in and immediately told Wilshere to find a new club, released Cazorla, (players Wenger would have given new contracts) and everyone was happy with the ruthlessness and “a breath of fresh air”.

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Emery did not get enough support as he was not given the players he wanted. The decision makers felt they know better than the coach, bringing in players they think is best which has contributed more to our decline. The same players let Emery down and cost him his job.

Now here comes Arteta, the one who is tasked with correcting past mistakes BUT without money. In recent football when you think wrongly, you still have to think to correct the wrong investment or accept you don’t want to compete at the top, that is the only way- “Okay Arteta, sell some players and use the proceeds to improve the team” oh! The players are on fat contracts and will be difficult to shift.

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Arteta might make up his be mind to find a way to improve the team somehow, Willian was free, and he decided to sign him up (Willian was used to replace Mkhitaryan who was another flop) – Although it is proving to be a mistake so far, show me a manager or a club that has not made wrong decisions in player recruitment. Willian is the only attacking player that he has signed; he wanted a creative midfielder but there was no money. Partey, Gabriel, Cedric are good additions, but he does not get the credit.

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