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Amazing! Mikel Arteta More Looking Up To Neymar For January Transfer

Amazing! Mikel Arteta More Looking Up To Neymar For January Transfer

Mikel Arteta Curiously not satisfied and impressed with the improvement in his team precisely hoping for a positive massive growth moving to top on the football table making a head this present year. January transfer seems more disorganized and confused not really knowing who is best fit for his team, he thought bringing Neymar up for transfer and replacement would help out with his defensive strategies and skills would help the team get to the top having head count which peradventure could lead to team to a greater success.

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Edu seems and feel thoughtful about arteta decision for this january transfer implementing he should not make wrong decision this time around looking up to players ready for transfer this january, teammates feels more thoughtful about the transfer decision Mikel Arteta is about make.

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Arteta feels more courageous about Neymar hoping to have a greater defence this january making a strong squad this time around with the help of the young super star Bukayo Saka with a splendid action and determination for the club.

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Martinelli so anxious to have a well defensive and strong squad for a greater success for the team making all efforts to give the team the best of times.

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