3 reasons Sancho to Manchester United could have just been KO’d by Super League plans

We appreciate transfer talk is not a priority right now. And to some it may even seem a little obselete, considering what is at stake considering United’s Super League plans.

So this is not intended as a simple transfer piece, instead, a look at the wider issues caused by the Super League plans which have caused so much outrage.


The objective from Super League clubs like United is to net so much cash that they can do as they please. The Times reports clubs will net £300 million for entering the new competition.


Does this mean United can waltz over the Dortmund and sign long-term target Jadon Sancho? Don’t bet on it.

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There are real reasons why this deal itself could have been killed off by United’s plans. Here is a look at three reasons why…

Don’t rule out the power which Governments and sporting governing bodies have at their disposal.


There could be sanctions brought in to stop players being signed and registered by Super League clubs, preventing them from registering to play in the Premier League.


While this seems extreme, it depends how desperate authorities want to get to block this breakaway competition. Even just threatening to restrain trading could do enough damage to United’s plans, by putting restrictive red tape on such complicated big money transfers, which take long enough to complete as it is.

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Dortmund were the biggest reason United failed to sign Sancho last summer, and they are potentially an even bigger obstacle this time around.


The German side have rejected an invitation to join the Super League, and see themselves as proudly sticking to tradition in doing so.

So the last move they will want to make is to sell a star player to a Super League team.


Dortmund are a stubborn club, as they showed last summer, and they could simply refuse to negotiate with United if they wish. And it is very easy to see this happening.

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The attraction of joining United is suddenly not so clear for Sancho. Does he find the prospect of playing in the Super League appealing?


If he does so, then he joins a watered down Premier League, and he could be banned from playing for England, along with the rest of United’s players.


Suddenly, from Sancho’s perspectives, the risks of joining United may outweigh the benefits. It did not look like this a week ago.


If he has his doubts about joining a rebel club which has managed to disengage it’s own fans, could you honestly blame him?


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